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What are your husbands favorite everyday meals?


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My husband's favourites, in order:

Knishes served with anything (usually a slow cooker pot roast)

Fried chicken served with anything

Steak, baked potatoes and grilled asparagus

Stir fry with chow mein noodles

Beef barley soup

Chicken noodle soup

Fish chowder

Take out

Everything I like

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Stir fry (esp. with cashews added at the end)

anything preceded by a Caesar salad

big sausages wrapped in pretzel dough (made in breadmaker) and baked

homemade "Crunchwraps" like Taco Bell (Start with a large burrito-size tortilla. Spread beans, meat, cheese, onion, olives, salsa, etc. in the center only and cover with a crunchy tostada round. Fold the edges of the tortilla over it to make a packet and brown on both sides in a skillet with a little oil.)

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Some of his faves:


Chicken pot pie


Roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls


Chicken Parmesan, fettuccine


Salmon packets with lemon slices and green beans


Steak, baked potatoes, grilled zucchini


Cobb salad with grilled chicken



This would be my list, except no Cobb salad and add chili with tortilla chips and salad.


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We have good old standbys too, but one dish that isn't so usual is our version of pastys. We put leftover meat, usually roast beef, cheese, onions and bell peppers between 2 crescent dough rolls, squeezing the sides together. Bake at 350 for 6 minutes. Flip. Bake another 6 minutes. I think it would be even better if we had a different kind of dough, maybe homemade.

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Meat! Beef, pork, and chicken: grilled, roasted, cooked in crock-pot with bbq sauce...


Grilled salmon.


Taco salad: taco meat (I mix ground beef and turkey), avocado, salad greens, salsa, cheese. We have that one at least once a week.


Buffalo chicken salad: homemade or frozen/bagged chicken made with buffalo sauce, greens, blue cheese dressing.


Take and bake pizza from Walmart, Costco, or Aldi.


Indian food. I have a few recipes for curries, some quick-and-easy, some more complicated, that we eat fairly frequently.

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Stir fry: chicken and almonds with rice, tofu with noodles, kangaroo with rice


Pasta: any will do, preferably with creamy sauce


Lamb chops and mashed potatoes with seasonal veg


Curries: Indian or Thai


Anything with pastry!


My husband is tall and thin. He eats all the time. After 20 years living with him, I am still tall but not thin......


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My husband is a picky eater. VERY. Drives me NUTS!


He likes things a bit more plain. Meat, starch, vegetable or salad, but not mixed. He isn't big on casseroles and won't touch a pot pie.


He does like burritos, most Mexican food (but hates black beans! UGH!), and will eat most Indian dishes I make (I love curries, tandooris and masalas) and he will usually eat it.


My husband hates almost all seafood, including salmon. I make it anyway. He can have leftovers of whatever else we have or a sandwich. The rest of us love salmon!


We also eat stuff like steak and potatoes, hamburgers, spaghetti, cobb salad, and rice about 3 times per week with a meat on the side and a salad.

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salisbury steak with potatoes


homemade chicken nuggets with wing sauce


grilled chicken tex-mex salad


asian chicken made at home


mongolian beef made at home


chicken bryan(yes, copycat recipe from carraba's!)


meatballs with pasta


tuna casserole


anything mexican(beef tacos, chicken enchiladas, burritos)

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My husband's favorites (I'm not promising these are all healthy, but rather his favorites, LOL):


  • Chicken and dumplings. I make this in the crock pot.
  • Homemade pizza. And since I've tried a zillion ways to make homemade crust and it's never as good, I buy frozen pizza dough from the grocery store for $1.39 each. The pizza really is good.
  • Grilled chicken that I do in the oven. I cover the chicken in olive oil, italian spices, garlic powder, and salt, then broil them on a grill pan in the oven (we don't have a bbq, but that would be fantastic too). He likes this as is, or chopped up and used to make chicken fried rice.
  • Stuffed shells. I just use a mixture of ricotta, parm, and mozzarella.
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce.
  • Chicken parmesean
  • Pierogies with onions
  • Pot roast with carrots and potatoes, done in the slow cooker.


With all of these I would of course serve sides of fruits and veggies, I just listed the main dish.

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Stir fry - and anything else Asian-inspired. Lettuce wraps are a favorite too.

Fajitas - I use seasoning blend from Penzey's. He really likes anything Mexican.

Grilled salmon

Greek salad with chx.

Steak and baked potatoes.

Chimichurri (sp?)


Homemade tomato soup

Breakfast casserole - I make it with croissants and it is lovely, though definitely not low carb!



My DH loves all veggies and loves spicy food! Sriracha and Tabasco are staples in my pantry.

We eat fairly low carb most of the time.


Sometimes I pick up a new seasoning - an herb, a spice or a condiment to get some new inspiration.

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My husband is a big salad eater - his favorite is flanks steak salad. I just marinate the steak in 1 cup balsamic vinegar and 6 tablespoons of olive oil, then I boil the marinade while I grill the steak and use it as a salad dressing. I put the steak over a bead of baby spinach and lay the steak over it in thin slices. Then I top with the warm dressing and large shavings of parmesan cheese. I usually have bruschetta on the side as well. Simply diced tomato, garlic and basil mixed together with olive oil and placed on toasted homemade bread slices.


He'd eat this every day!

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Beef stew


Beef stew


Beef stew


Beef stew


My husband also likes beef stew. I must be the most amazing beef stew maker ever but y'all won't believe how much my husband loves beef stew. He also loves my mom's beef stew.


Sometimes he also likes steak, chicken pot pie, salmon, catfish, spaghetti, pot roast, grilled chicken, and chili. He likes most things.


He does not like stinky cheese, quinoa, salad (he likes taco salad)

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