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"Magic School Bus" in Greek (translation)


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Ho Arma Mageia


(The Chariot [that is] Sorcerous)


It's the best I can do off the top of my head for Kione.


I don't think it will get much closer than that! :lol:


Every time dd mentions something she has learned, it is almost always something from Magic School Bus. I'm wondering if we should name our school Magic School Bus Academy... but classier. ;)

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LOL - no glaring error. I just wanted to make sure. In modern Greek, bus is leoforeio λεωφοÏείο . I thought maybe I could find a Koine root for it but I can't.



Claiming there couldn't possibly be a Greek word for "bus," as though the country of Greece somehow no longer exists, falls under the "glaring error"category in my book, but YMMV. :lol:

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