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Is there a suggested schedule for Foerster Algebra 1?

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My Foerster Algebra 1 text, teacher's text, test book, and solutions manual arrived. I was surprised that, although there are suggestions in the teacher's text about how many days each subunit might take and what the assignment might be, there seems to be no master schedule anywhere, showing how many days overall the text is designed for, when and how many tests are suggested, etc., and setting out all the information in an accessible way like I am used to seeing in many texts and curriculua. (Dolciani is great that way!)


For anyone who has used this text, am I missing something? Or does this not exist?

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You may find this thread helpful:

Foerster's Algebra I schedule


From my post in the thread:

We just completed Foerster's Algebra I last week. We started in August. In general, the first two sections of a chapter can be done in one day according to the TM. All other sections were generally done in one day, except for the sections with many word problems. Those took 3-4 days. Ds did odds or evens in general, but every single word problem. I got that advice from 8FillsTheHeart. Ds worked 5 days per week. I am a bit of a slave driver :tongue_smilie:, but this was our 2nd year of Algebra. Occasionally, when ds complained, I would set the timer for an hour, and if he couldn't complete the section in that hour, he could finish it the next day. He didn't often have to finish it the next day.



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g1234- Could you describe the tests? I used Foerster algebra last year with my oldest and really did not like just using the practice test questions as my test and I hated having to make up my own. I am planning on using it again this year with my next ds and am considering buying the tests.


Is it just end of the chapter tests or are there also quizzes and middle chapter tests (like suggested in the TM)?

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It looks like there are midchapter tests, but not quizzes. The TOC goes like this:


Chapter 1

--Test 1 Sections 1-1 to 1-4

--Test 2 Sections 1-5 to 1-9

--Test 3 Chapter Test


Chapter 2

--Test 4 Sections 2-1 to 2-3

--Test 5 Sections 2-4 to 2-5

--Test 6 Sections 2-6 to 2-8

--Test 7 Section 2-8 [yes, it repeats section 2-8 for test 7...not sure why]

--Test 8 Chapter Test


Chapter 3

etc etc.


It looks like each chapter has between zero (ch. 8 and 14) and four subchapter tests, with an average of perhaps 2 or 3 subchapter tests, and then there's always one chapter test. After chapter 6, there is something called a "Cumulative Test"--perhaps like a midterm?? There's another Cumulative Test after Ch. 14, and then there's a Final Exam. Answers, of course, are also included at the back of the book.


Does that help? Let me know if I can answer any other questions about it. I only just received it so I don't know it personally, but I'm happy to share any info I can by opening it and looking in it for you!

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Thanks. That does help. I didn't give midchapter tests the 1st time around and several times I didn't realize that ds didn't really understand something till we got to the end of the chapter. I think I will splurge on the tests and really purpose to make sure 2nd ds understands the work before moving on.


Again - thanks for checking and taking the time to answer.

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Actually, you've helped me a lot, too. I got the test book because a friend suggested it, but later I was thinking I wasted my money and should have made do with just the book. I'm glad to hear of your experience, and now I am going to schedule in reviews and tests. And I'm glad now that I got the tests.

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Wow! Another well thought-out schedule. This is great. I have been aware of the videos and am glad they're there in case we decide we want them, but I hadn't thought to look on his web site for a schedule.


Thanks again, to everyone. I feel I have such a good start now on figuring out how to schedule this for our family, and just a day or two ago I felt clueless. Much appreciated, all.

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