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Popular Mechanics on DVD

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I'm not sure if you are interested in a Prime membership on Amazon, but they are available for streaming for free to Prime members. Depending on how much you want or need Prime for other things, it could be worth it to join for those. With a quick look I see the first four seasons are available for free streaming for Prime members.

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I am a prime member...I didn't notice they were free for us....thanks for bringing that to my attention....guess i better open my eyes, huh??

I think searching the prime video list can be confusing at times. It just stood out in my mind as I had looked them over one time for my DS1, who loves all things mechanical. We haven't watched them yet. Glad it will save you some money!

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My kid checks these out of the library all.the.time. He also enjoys watching shows on the Science channel and Bill Nye DVDs. So they fill his obsession with wanting to know how things work.


But he is a bit young for them. When the one guy raised tadpoles into frogs and then had to release them into the pond he started crying. And there were a few little things that scared him (I think it was in the sea monsters episode). But then, he is the kid who stopped watching Thomas the Tank Engine because he was frightened by something in one episode.


The presenters are generally nice and interesting enough. And they usually do a good job of showing the process of something from beginning to end. Their engineering-based episodes are better than their animal-based episodes, I think. They're Popular Mechanics, they should stick to what they do best. Even so, I wish they had made more episodes.

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