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DS was accepted to Tech, but is NOT going to receive any financial aid..HELP

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Ds can not go to this school unless he has financial aid. They say we make to much money for him to get the aid, but we canNOT afford it!

They told him he is not eligible for the Hope Scholarship until he has completed 30hrs and maintained a 3.0 average..since he was homeschooled and they don't know if what is on his transcript is true or not! :rant:


We don't know what to do..I am so upset about this whole thing..he applied back at the end of May and just found yesterday that he had been accepted. He is suppose to start on the 25th of this month! He/we are suppose to come up with at least $600 just for tuition..that does not include his books or whatever else he needs!

What else is out there that he can do????

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Do they not allow student loans if the parents make too much money?


I know it's probably late in the season to apply.


I would probably figure out how to pay for just one semester myself with the understanding that he has to apply for loans/get a job, and otherwise figure this out for himself.


But it sounds like after his freshman year, he will be able to apply for a home scholarship.

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Honestly, I think very few families can actually "afford" college. My parents couldn't afford it either -- they took out student loans. Few families have an extra $20,000 a year sitting around. I understand how frustrating it can be, but there really has to be a limit on how much taxpayer money is raised for college education. Can you imagine the tax burden on America if they changed the limits?


I recommend your son do two years of community college and transfer. This saves a tremendous amount. My brother did this and transferred into the University of Virginia. My parents sent me to Virginia Tech, and it took YEARS to pay off my student loans.


Wait a minute. What is the $600 going to cover? You say tuition? If so, that's a bargain! Maybe you meant $6,000?

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