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Dr Edward Fry Books: Why aren't they more popular?

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I was just looking at some of the Fry books. Why aren't they more popular?


There is a book that covers the topics in each of my favorite curricula, and all the books are linked to the same spelling list. Just looking at ONE Fry book is not reflective of ALL the resources and approaches available.


The books are cheap. They come in hard copy and ebooks. All of them are available through interlibrary loan. There are free online resources galore.


Sooo...UM! Why aren't they more popular?


There is plenty of phonics included if you use the right books. Yes, there are books JUST based on the frequency lists, but frequency is just a PART of the full curriculum. Spalding is a frequency arranged list, so people are not totally frequency phobic as long as there is phonics added to the frequency lists. Okay, not EVERY word is analyzed phonetically as it's taught.


The samples of the writing and spelling books remind me of Spelling Plus and The Dictation Resource Book.


There is even a typing book.


So tell me what is so bad about Fry? Is it because public schools use it?

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Dunno, Hunter, but I *loved* the Dr. Fry's "frequently used words" book I got the first year we homeschooled and STILL regret selling it at a used curriculum sale. Combines with Natural Speller and The ABCs and All Their Tricks, it was perfect for helping to create spelling lists in those early elementary years... sigh...

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I have never heard of them so I looked at a few on Amazon. I haven't bought too many teacher guide type books. I guess I like stuff that is mostly open and go.


There are open and go workbooks and also word sorts. What I like is that there are resources for every teaching style, all linked to the same lists.


I own The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists - a wonderful resource. Thanks for the heads up on his other publications.



I've ordered the spelling book and writing book through interlibrary loan. I'm really looking forward to reading them, They remind me so much of Spelling Plus and Dictation Resource book but also have the added advantage of being in both ebook and hardcopy form. Anything I teach intensively I live to have in both ebooks and hardcopy if possible.

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