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Blank schedule in Sonlight IG?

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I thought I'd read this last week sometime, but alas the search engine isn't finding it for me...


I seem to remember in one of the threads about planners that someone wrote that Sonlight has a blank schedule in the appendix of each of their instructor guides. I thought...perfect! But I looked in my P4/5 core and don't see a blank schedule. Anyone know if I mis-read and they don't actually have one? Or if they don't include it in the core appendix until core A?



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I went and looked to see if they would have this sort of thing up on their website, if they do, a quick look didn't turn it up. It's been 5 or 6 years since I used Sonlight so I don't know if they have them still or not.


However, Tapestry of Grace does have blank schedules up on the web, are they there for everyone not just people, like me, that are buyers? I don't know. But try and see if this gets you a page with a bunch of blank schedule links:



Also a similar to Sonlight schedule is in the organizational files section of this Yahoo! group: You do have to join, but there is no email on the group.

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I found one in my Core K from 2010, now Core A. It's nothing fancy...could easily be made in Excel. It says 'Additional Schedule Page' across the top. It has a blank column down the side where I'm assuming you would list subjects, then columns for Day 1-5, the columns alternate shaded/not shaded like on the rest of the IG. At the bottom there is an open section titled 'Other Notes'. There are no header rows. Does that help?


I looked through my 2010 P4/5 and I don't see the blank schedule there, but I also don't see an appendix. So I think you are probably right, it isn't included until Core A.

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