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New here, not sure where to start?

Guest Jinkies

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Guest Jinkies

Hi everyone!!


A little about me - I'm a SAHM of 4 (3 at home... 10/8/3). All of my kids go/will go to our local schools.


I'd like to start supplementing at home - which is what brings me here.


My 8YODD (3rd grade) has always read at a level below target. She gets 1/2 hour one-on-one reading instruction at school which has made a HUGE difference in her abilities!


The problem is her spelling/writing. I can barely make it out. I *assumed* that because she was making strides in reading she was also doing well in writing (insert huge load of parental guilt here). I have obviously been completely out of touch.


Anyhow, I'm looking for recommendations for spelling help... but is it called spelling? or language arts? or writing? I don't even know what that is classified as.


Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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Love the name! We're Scooby-Doo fans here.


My DS (age 10) is a terrible speller. Part of his problems is from a slight hearing problem - he was hearing the words incorrectly when he was in public school. The doctor put a tube in his ear and everything's fine now, but he is still a poor speller.


Since we started homeschooling we have used Spelling Workout and I also circle misspelled words in all of his written assignments (grammar, history, and science) and have him look in the dictionary to find the correct spelling. This works for him as he thinks of it as a puzzle to be solved:lol:.


DS is also an avid reader. He reads on a high school level but reading and spelling are not the same in his mind!


Hope this helps you!

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welcome! Did you know there is a forum here for 'afterschooling'? which is what you will be doing.


I have a poor speller- her reading level is taking huge leaps and bounds, but her spelling is not so hot. We saw much improvement this year by having her write creative stories on the computer- it seemed to make her more aware of her spelling deficiencies. -having the computer underline the misspelled words made her have to think about them.


Spelling power was too much for my poor speller, we had better luck with Harcourt Spelling skills- which you can find at stores like Barnes & Nobles- and then this year we are going to move on to Calvert Spelling- which they do on the computer.


This is a great board, I'm sure you will find lots of help and ideas.

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