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Ideas for college student movie series needed!

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My 20 yo ds is home for the summer and his friend are often here, which I love. : )


Since my two youngers are still away for 10 more days, I had a brainstorm and thought it would be fun to do a mini-series of movie nights, featuring flicks that address the college experience in some way.


Dh already nominated Animal House. No comment. I was also thinking about The Graduate. Any other ideas? This is fun, not educational, obviously! Though nominally educational movies are fine.

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Ack. Be careful with The Graduate -- it is NOT a movie about the college experience, but rather about a "failure to launch" college graduate who falls into an affair with his girlfriend's mother, and ultimately encourages the now-ex-girlfriend to leave her betrothed at the altar and run away with him instead. I'd suggest the themes of the movie are about the "lostness" and alienation of the 1960s generation from traditional values, and a desperation to find purpose and meaning in life. Topics of betrayal, guilt, infidelity, and dysfunctional family dynamics are explored. I'd call it a rather painful drama with a few comedic moments.


Here are two VERY light silent comedies on the college campus:

College (1927) -- Buster Keaton silent

The Freshman (1925) -- Harold Lloyd silent (excerpts:


And here's a list of 50 best college films.


Perhaps a series of enjoyable movies that could prompt interesting discussion instead? We've enjoyed watching / discussing these with our late high school / college age sons (we like a lot of sci-fi -- lol):

- The Social Network

- The Truman Show

- Moneyball

- Stranger Than Fiction

- Gattaca

- Moon

- Primer

- Minority Report

- Blade Runner



Whatever you go with, enjoy having your college students home again to have some fun family movie nights! Warmest regard, Lori D.

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Thank you Lori and seasider! Yes, I've seen The Graduate-but I thought it was a satire about the 60's generation who was "lost." Am I wrong about that?? But I personally don't care much for sci-fi and fantasy, and Dustin Hoffman gives a wonderful acting performance.


But I appreciate your other recommendations! Some of the old movies look like a lot of fun and in general I like digging up those old ones and watching them. And I think A Beautiful Mind might be especially interesting, and poignant.

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