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Typing speed goal?

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You can google keyboarding skills syllabus and get some examples. When I did it when my dd was in 7th, I was seeing 30-35 wpm as the standard for an A. I just googled quickly, and I'm seeing 38-45 wpm for an A in 9th. For a 2nd year typing class, you'd expect to see more like 60 wpm (just my memory from high school). I did see the expectations have gone up because the new keyboards are so much faster than the old typewriters. And that would be wpm transcribing from a text, not from her own thoughts (which could be faster).


Here's a link to get you started. http://www.rsd.k12.wi.us/faculty/deven/newsfile10585_1.pdf

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I didn't have typing until I was a senior in high school (pre-personal computer days!) and then I had 2 semesters typing in college. I thought speed was more important than accuracy, and I still regret that attitude. I would stress accuracy over speed.

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