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If you subscribe to the multum non multa philosophy....

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how many books do you do for literature for a high schooler? How about an 8th grader?


I have a list for my 10th grader and 8th grader. I love the selections, know they would be able to read them all... but I know we would get more out of spending more time per book vs. reading many. It's hard to narrow things down and choose only a few of the many books I want them to be exposed to; especially since my girls aren't big readers, and I know they wouldn't pick up these types of books to read on their own.



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Can you make some of the books required, but not require them to do anything other than read them? I do that with books I want my kids exposed to, but I just don't have time to study them in depth, and I don't think they'd pick them up with out being assigned. My oldest just finished 8th, and I did that this year with him. He is going to a brick and mortar school next year for high school, and there were some books I wanted him to have read first, but I didn't have time to study them all with him. So for some I said "read these" and just asked him what he thought, some I said read these and merely required a one page summary to make sure he understood it, and some we went over more in detail.

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