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Careful what you wish for

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I have been stressing out over the fact that dd8 has shown no real interest in anything academic. Turns out she's crazy over ancient Egypt. As in, actually wanting to read books from the library about it and watch Teaching Company lectures. Yes, dd, I will buy you ancient Egypt paper dolls and take you to the library and probably drive to over to my alma mater where they have an Egyptian art museum (that I never set foot in my entire time there), and in the meantime hope that your interest turns to medieval Europe or something!

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DD is crazy about Egypt, too-which is why we have a pet snake named "Wadjet". My NME group next year is going to focus on Egyptian and Norse mythology (since the kids did Greek/Roman in depth this year, and most of them aren't all that into the exam anyway-I know DD and she'll happily reread D'Aulaires yet again)-so if any of you are anywhere near me, come on over!


There's Ancient Rome playmobil, too-I got the Colosseum at a Bargain Hunt store ;).

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