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Can you mix Sonlight guides for Core 100?

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In my SL100 from years back, the majority of the teacher's guide was hundreds of pages of commentary to balance the skew of Ms. Hakim. And of course answers to the hundreds of student questions. I can't imagine they have rewritten all those questions, since the Hakim books have not changed all that much. The changes in Hakim have mostly been in the first and last books.


Any changes over the year in the assignment grid shouldn't matter.


Not sure if that's all that helpful, but since few people will have those exact years on hand to compare, I thought I'd throw that in. Probably Sonlight would be the one to ask.

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I bought the students manual for 2011. I was wondering if the 2012 or 2013 Teacher's manual will work with it if I can't find a 2011.




I would say that if it was after the big rehaul of the core(can't remember, but I think it was 2011??) the guides should match up fine enough.

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