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Best place to find spelling bee lists?

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The good news is that I have at least 15 kids interested in a homeschool group spelling bee this year, several MONTHS before registration begins. (Which makes me feel good, given that I was the one person on the admin board pushing for academic activities and was getting "But we don't know if there's any interest"-I'd say there is!) My thought is that I'd like to try the "individual lists for each child" approach, and let parents pick which list is most appropriate for their child, since there's a wide age and ability range (It doesn't make sense to me to give DD a 4th grade spelling list when she's working on National level spelling bee word study for fun, and I know we have a couple of older kids who struggle with reading, so I'd like them to have lists that they can at least get through a few rounds on). Does anyone have a favorite site for spelling bee lists? I'd like ones that are reasonable, but challenging enough that we don't have every single child making it through so many rounds that everyone is rooting for them to miss one so we can go home.

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You might try this site for some ideas. This is for the local group that dd has completed in the last few years. They have a just for fun bee for k-2nd and the a Scripps qualifier for 3rd and up. In the just for fun bee I think there were 20 or so kids this year and it still finished in under an hour.


Up to this point we haven't studied or prepared because dd was in the just for fun competition and is a natural speller but we're starting to do a little work now using vocabulary from classical roots book a.



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