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I have been reading this board for a long time and finally decided to register.


I am a former PS teacher with DD starting college in the fall and a DS11. As a teacher I could alway see the benefit of homeschooling just from a time management and behavior stand point. I always hated how much time was wasted just in transitions and dealing with behavior issues. I left traditional PS a few years ago and worked for an online school company for a while. This past school year I was a teacher for HeadStart which was an eye opening experience not to be repeated.


My kids have attended kids have attended private catholic school, traditional PS, and a lare charter school system in Houston before me moved to a different state.


At the end of this school year I withdrew my DS from the local PS in our very small town. Right now he is set to attend a "blended learning" charter school that is over an hour from where we live. He will attend 2 days per week and work online at jome the rest of the time. If that does not work out I will homeschool, because he will not be going back to the local PS.


Anyway, I have found this forum to a valuable resource even without registering, and I am looking forward to schooling at home.

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