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Wordless Wednesday- 6/26/2013


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Thanks for starting the thread again BugsMamma. I always enjoy seeing what everyone is up to.


Wordless - My son has into all things spy lately. He rigged up his bedroom door with a motion sensor, made a mirror periscope-like-thingamjig to see around corners, and can't get enough of Lu and Clancy's secret missions. When he asked me to print him a disguise I wasn't sure what we would find, but there are actually quite a few things out there. These glasses really made both of us giggle. I'm thinking that there is going to be a fun secret agent birthday part in our future - and I may be just as excited about planning it as my boy.


Word filled - I teach history to little guys in a local co-op and one of the most common worries that I hear is, "My son/daughter is really sensitive. You aren't really going to teach THAT in class, are you?" As a parent of two sensitive kids, I get it. Some topics are fodder for bedtime anxiety, but even the most tragic topics in history don't need to be scary. Here are my quick tips for sensitive kids - How to teach history without fear.

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