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Dr. Hive....need some ideas for joint pain..fibro?


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I am experiencing daily aches and pains, especially in my hips and legs. Many, many years ago, a family practitioner said I had the trigger points to indicate fibromyalgia, but nothing was ever really done about it. All the other labs and tests were normal. My back would occasionally "go out" and I'd do PT every few years. The PTs said they thought it was SI Joint and there wasn't a whole lot that could be done for that. Most of the aches/pains over the next few years, I just chalked up to activities of daily living while having babies and toddlers and a busy life.


When I was 46, it was getting pretty bad. My fingers, shoulders, back, feet, etc. just hurt. Due to perimenopause problems, I made the decision to go on low dose BCPs. The pain in my joints greatly improved! I felt much better. We moved and my new doc transitioned me over to hrt and the aches/pains didn't come back. Until last Oct. The doc made a major cut in my estrogen. Unexpectedly, the pain in my hips and back got much worse. In Jan, the doc suggested I start all the PT exercises I had been as given previously, take meloxicam, stretch, keep a log, etc and see if we can find a pattern. I did and the only pattern I could find was walking. So, I replaced my walking shoes/insoles, dedicated time to stretch/warm up/cool down, etc. The massage therapist I saw said she thought I had bursitis as well as SI. But there were "rice crispies" all along my shoulders and back. My legs have knots as well. I was about to ask for a PT referral when dd started PT for EDS. A geneticist diagnosed both dd and me with EDS and I'm sure this is playing a role.


What on earth do I do for this? I am almost sure what I'm dealing with are flares. They come and go along with fatigue, but there is always a baseline ache. Sometimes I can find a trigger, sometimes not. I think this one was caused by a fall over the weekend (ice skating). I will get my routine labs run next week, then see the doc the following week to discuss hrt. I am going to ask him for a careplan for the aches/pains. But, what should I ask for?



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If this all happened with a change in your hormone levels, I would want him to look at those.




HI Jean,


Yes, we are going to look at that. But, as menopause draws nearer all the time, we have to lower the levels. So, I need another fix. Can't stay on estrogen forever

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