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Dave Ramsey Personal Finance users...a ?

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I do not want to make this a semester-long course rather a very condensed course as we will also be doing Economics in a Box and TTC DVDs. For those who have done it at a rapid pace, would you share how you scheduled it? Thanks!




We used Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance and the Teaching Company's Economics. We actually spread them out, one per semester, and did them as once-a-week "bites", but the video component is set up such that it would be very easy to condense and complete these in about 12 weeks, maybe as fast as 9 weeks. I don't know how long the Economics in a Box would take to add that into the mix.


Dave Ramsey is 12 hours of video sessions. They are short segments (usually 10-15 minutes long), so you can do as many or as few in a sitting as you want. The 12 hours are divided over 4 different units (general topics). What with filling in the workbook as you go, plus discussion on the topics in the DVD, plus doing and discussing the quiz at the end of each unit -- the entire program took us 15-16 hours -- about 1 hour a week for 16 weeks.


The Teaching Company's Economics was 36 lectures that were each 30 minutes long. Pretty much you'll want to do full lectures rather than trying to break them into pieces. There is a lot of info in each lecture, so we could only handle one lecture a day. The time it took us: 18 hours for lectures and another 9 hours for pausing occasionally to catch up in note-taking, plus discussing each lecture, plus taking a brief quiz I created for each lecture (to practice studying from the notes they had taken on the lecture), for a total of 27 hours. That worked out to 2 lectures per week for 18 weeks; time-wise that equaled about 90 minutes per week.


We also did another book that we counted towards the Economics credit, that took us maybe 3-4 hours for reading aloud/discussing. All together, with the 3 elements we used, that worked out to about 2.5 hours per week on Economics for one 18-week semester.



I don't know how much material is in the Economics in a Box or what all it covers, but it looks like the Economics in a Box video clips are on macro and micro economics topics, which is what the TC Economics lectures are all about, so you may have overlap in doing both programs, which would allow you to skip "repeat" material if you are short on time.


Or, see if there is enough overlap that you could choose to just do either Teaching Company Economics OR Economics in a Box along with the Personal Finance, esp. if you are short on time.



12 week condensed Economics course:

1.33 hours / week = Dave Ramsey DVD & discussion

2.25 hours / week = 3 TC lectures & discussion

3 hr. 35 min. / week total


?? 2+ hours / week ?? = Economics in a Box

5.5 hours /week total on Economics



9 week condensed Economics course:

1.66 hours / week = Dave Ramsey DVD & discussion


3 hours / week = 3 TC lectures & discussion

4 hr. 40 min. / week total


?? 2.5-3 hours / week ?? = Economics in a Box

6.5-7 hours /week total on Economics



Best of luck in finding what works for your family! Warmly, Lori D.

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plus taking a brief quiz I created for each lecture
Ooooh...what would it take to convince you to share those quizzes with me??? :)


I plan on doing Economics for an hour per day, 5 days per week, so the DR course would take us only a few weeks from what you described. Economics in a Box schedules for 16 weeks. I'm using the TTC videos as an "extra" for those like my gung-ho academic dd who wants more out of her schooling.

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