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Coffee maker recs?


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Ya' know, we've tried so many here too! But, the best by far is just the plain ol' stove top percolator.

No mechanics to break, no counter top space taken, and a VERY hot cup of coffee.. The only down side is it does take a little longer, but it's well worth it for us!


Fyi - we got ours at Target for about $20..

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By hot do you mean "scald the roof of your mouth hot" or just "can come back to the coffee pot a half hour later and it's still acceptable" hot? Because I have a little Sunbeam I got from Target for $20-25 that gets the job done, but I wouldn't say is scalding hot. (Unless he doesn't add milk - in that case it might be.) I've never given it much thought.

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For physics, this is absolutely not true. In fact, there is almost no memorization in physics, because a student who has understood the material will be able to derive everything from scratch. And no amount of memorizing will compensate for a lack of understanding.




Again, speaking for physics: the proper terms become ingrained when the student reads, listens to lectures, practices problem solving and talks about the material. You don't have to memorize that a "chair" is a chair or a "fork" is a fork because the words are used in context; a small child picks that up. Likewise, good science instruction uses the correct terminology to talk about the concepts, and there is no way for a student not to remember what "moment of inertia" or "kinetic energy" is if the student has read, heard, and used the words many times throughout a semester.


Science instruction does not mean memorizing vocabulary words, even though a large part of what passes for science instruction in schools seems to be just that.


We have a ten year-old year-old Krupps that has an insulated coffee thermos; it's going to be a sad, sad day at the Trulycrabby house when this coffeemaker dies, because they don't make it anymore. If your DH likes his coffee hot, then he might like an insulated coffeepot, I do not have any specific brands to recommend, just search "insulated coffeepot" on amazon and you might see some good recommendations.


I also like our French press, but the Keurig gets used more often due to sheer convenience.


I think soufflegirl's suggestion; the taste of the old fashioned stovetop perculators is great, and your dad may have ussed them in the past.

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Mr. Ellie likes his Hamilton Beach Brewstation, like this:



We get positive comments all.the.time from our guests, including those who say they would never use Folgers and are gobsmacked when we take out the Folgers container to show them that's what we used. :-)

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