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Object lesson Bible study ideas (for adults)


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I've just been asked to give a one-time Bible study using an object lesson. This is for an event that will involve a very eclectic group (including families, singles, adults, young, old) of Christians who are involved in an outreach project. I have done a lot of similar events for children or parents, but it's all very family-oriented. Since this is a different audience, I can't draw on what I've done in the past and need to find something new that would be relevant for everyone. Due to email delivery problems, I have a very short time frame to prepare.


Any thoughts or ideas? I know there are websites that provide sermon outlines, but I'm not familiar with them and would just need to Google. Recommendations for good resources where I might be able to find material?

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Perhaps something related to summer activities, such as a pool float or gardening trowel? Possibly use a sandal and relate it to the need for/tradition of foot washing for guests and explain what that represented? Maybe something with summer foods or fruits, such as grapes, kiwi (looking at the interior, not exterior), etc.? HTH

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Have you seen the lesson about our relationship with God filling us?

You start with the idea that everyone has a life that needs filling.

You have a very large, clear vase on a table.

As you talk about the things we fill our lives with, you add to the vase--first the big things--rocks that represent our families, the people that are important to us, our work, school. Fill it up with

the fist-sized or so rocks, and ask if it's really full--no--till some space around the rocks.Then add gravel or smaller pebbles like driveway pea gravel or aquarium rocks, talking about our hobbies, our volunteering, etc. Still not full! Add sand and talk about other things people fill their lives with--music, or travel, or big ideas (I can't remember what you say but you get the drift).

No, not completely full--add water all the way to the top and talk about the need for Christ, the Living Water.

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