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Which BJU Life to choose?

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I'm strongly considering using a textbook for Life science next year with my 7th grader. One of the texts I am considering is BJU but I don't know which to choose.


We looked through the newest edition and it looks awesome. Thing is, it doesn't have the DVD or online course as that is for the 3rd edition. :( If I go third edition, then the text is (supposedly, I haven't seen it) not as nice or as clear as the newest edition.


Part of me would really like to have the the DVDs or online as I know my child can go ahead and get science done consistently even if I am busy with the younger kids. However, part of me wants the latest and greatest version of the text.


Any thoughts?

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CBD has extensive chapters up on their website right now. I wanted to say go with the old edition and don't worry about it, but actually I really like the changes they've made. It's not an entire rewrite. I compared the CBD samples online to my 3rd edition copy, and some sections are identical. They've made enough changes though that a student who is not naturally attracted to the material or not particularly textbooky would be MUCH better suited to go in the new edition. Even in sections that are identical, they've clarified things. Much has been redone, and it looks like it flows better.


If you need the full videos of the class to make it practical and get it done, go ahead and do old edition. People LOVE Mrs. Vick, and I don't think the text will be an issue. If your dc is textbooky and fine picking up the book, outlining, and studying it herself, do new edition.


I don't think the Investigations (labs) dvd for new edition will be available until they've recorded the new class. If I were being dramatically less lazy, I'd compare the labs for 3rd and 4th editions. Sometimes they keep them essentially the same. If that's the case, you can use the 3rd edition Investigations dvd with the 4th edition text, no problem. Check and see, but that might be the case. It definitely was with the physical science. And if you want that 3rd edition Investigations, I still have mine that I can sell you. My kids are 10 years apart, so everything changes. And if you decide to go 3rd edition without the full course dvds, I think I still have my tm's. The student worktext (2 volumes) has the worksheets in back, so when buying used of that you'd end up needing to buy the worksheets, which they sell separately. Anyways, if any of that interests you, just pm me. :)

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