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Geometry with Algebra review

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My daughter will be a junior this fall and she will be dual enrolling. She scored very well in the English portion, so she will be taking English 101. She didn't score high enough in Math to take intermediate college algebra, so she will take it again in December. She scored just a little lower than their standards. So, now knowing all this, . I'M trying to figure out if we should just do more algebra review or do geometry because she needs two maths to graduate high school. Is any of this make sense I'm trying to figure out what to do?




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What math has she actually completed already and what programs did she use?


If she has already completed Geometry and Algebra II, but didn't place high enough on the placement test to get into college algebra, then reviewing algebra II between now and December will be helpful. If she hasn't taken Algebra II yet, then that's what she needs to work on. College Algebra is NOT Algebra II. Algebra II is a prerequisite for College Algebra.


Do you have any idea what parts of the placement test she had problems with in math?

On the COMPASS, you get a breakdown that might look like this:

placement test - score - test time - note

algebra................98.......29:51.......initial domain

college algebra....77.......26:39

trigonometry........52........27:22......placement domain


Not all schools use the same score cutoffs. Many schools use 50 in trigonometry as the cutoff to get into calculus, but our local cc uses it to get into trig.

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