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Does this meal service exist?

Miss Peregrine

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1. Whole foods

2. Low grain(low carb fine) but we eat beans/rice

3. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks planned.

4. Shopping list with all ingredients.

5. Recipes with quantities for a large family.

I am mostly joking because I know that's a tall order, lol. I would pay dearly for something like this.


I am subscribed to Fresh 20 but we have only used a handful of the recipes. They either don't sound good or I can fathom 7 different people being satisfied. I have also done Saving Dinner in the past. We didn't like most of the recipes.

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It exists, but it's called a spreadsheet, lol.


Seriously, with my picky family I can't use any of those services. But we have a small(ish) rotation, and I've gotten my spreadsheet to be semi-automated (lots of copy-paste, very little thinking involved). It works for us.

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I don't know of one but I can share a thought that I have considered.


Long story short, I know a person who went to culinary school who is not working due to the economy. I have considered seeing if he would be interested in putting together a weekly menu/shopping list for me with our very specific needs. I have no idea what he would charge me, or if he was even interested but I am pretty confident he would do it for about $10 hr (what he was being paid as an entry level sous chef). Our friend is deaf so it is especially hard for him to find work in a kitchen and he lost his last job due to an injury that kept him off work for a month. I figure If he could put together 3 seasons of dinner menus for me for about a solid week of work. 60 unique items (that I don't already make) would be my goal. 5-10 season specific. (In Washington, we don't eat a lot of fresh salsa with bbq chicken in the snow in December OR cream soups in 90* weather in August)


I wonder if you could find someone in a similar circumstance who would work with you as well. Of course you would need to figure out if you like the person's style of cooking and selections and assume there would be some duds or recipes to modify, but honestly it would be refreshing to have someone else's style infused into my own sometimes. I would want someone who has a good idea of what complements each other and can possibly list some alternatives from previous menus to accommodate what I would possibly already have on hand.


In return I would offer him a reference for doing similar work for others, or a professional reference for qualify of work, professionalism, and honoring my seasonal/medical needs.

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