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Risas y sonrisas questions


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has anyone here used this spanish curriculum? I am looking to use it with a rising 3rd grader (with a rising K'er listening in as he wants) My choices are between this and Songschool spanish. Risas is more expensive but it looks like it can certainly be stretched to two years worth of use.


How important is is for the teacher (me) to be fluent in spanish...I'm far from fluent but have taken a few college level spanish courses so I feel fairly confident.


Any advice/opinions would be appreciated!

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I bought and received it last week. I've looked over it, but we probably won't start it until next week. DD is newly turned 6, but has two books of "Teach Them Spanish!" under her belt. There are 80 lessons. We will be dividing each lesson into two days. We study Spanish twice a week. We also school year around. I figure there is enough material there for at least two years. I'm really excited about starting the program. It has a lot of pieces to it, so there are multiple ways her to learn. While I think School Song and Risas y Sonrisas would both work for your third grader, I think School Song would be too writing-intensive for your K'er. I do think Risas y Sonrisas would work for both. If you download the sample workbook sheets online for Risas y Sonrisas, that's pretty much the layout for every chapter/section. There is a little variation here and there, but for the most part the workbook pages are laid out the same. There are games and activities for each chapter/section as well. Only a little of it is worksheet-based. From skimming through the parent lesson plans, I think there was only one workbook page per lesson. Everything else is other types of activities.


You don't need to be fluent. I'm not. Between high school and college, I've taken about 4-5 years of Spanish. It's more important to generally understand how the language works, but you don't need to be fluent. Having said that, I work right alongside DD. There really is no other way to help her without knowing and understanding each lesson myself. I don't complete the worksheets (well, maybe I do in my head) or anything, but I'm fully vested in continuing to learn the language. I have to be or I wouldn't be able to converse with her and correct her when she's wrong.

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