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Anyone else stretched to all levels? preK-college?

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This is weird. I just realized I am now bouncing between all the WTM boards as I have kids of all stages:

dd - 1st year college ... actually CC

ds - rhetoric / dual enrolling at CC for senior year

ds - dialectic -8th grade

dd - grammar - 3rd grade

dd - age 2 1/2 so looking a active toddler/preK stuff


I have so much to do and all I want to do is bounce the boards at the moment!

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One year away from having college on down to preK. I definitely frequent the high school board more than anything now, not so much because I have the lower grades figured out but because I read something that I absolutely "must" have on these boards and that gets dangerous. :)

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We are one year away from having college down to toddler. This year we have:


dd17, 12th grade

dd16, 11th grade

ds13, 8th grade

dd10, 5th grade

dd6, 2nd grade

ds3, pre-K

ds6months, absorbing all he can!


This will be our craziest school year yet...plus we plan to move as soon as our house sells! Whew!!

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Yep. We have grandbabies, too. However, we have been spread like this for yrs (our oldest graduated from high school in 2007 or 2008?? I'd have to count back and figure it out.) Anyway, it doesn't phase me anymore.


Now what was really weird was having a newborn in my arms at ds's wedding. That was surreal. Having a 17 month old when our granddaughter was born.....yep, a little strange. ;)

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At one point I had kids in pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school simultaneously. It was challenging, but doable. I wouldn't say easy!! Next year, I'll have early elementary, middle school, high school, and a college freshman. While dh is stressed about having one in college, the relief that I feel at the knowledge that I have one less to be responsible for here is huge!! Not that I wouldn't do it all again, just that juggling kids at so many ages and stages is difficult.


Good luck. You can do this! (I keep repeating that to myself...)

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I did at one time :)  pre-K/lower elem./upper elem./middle school & high school.  Now I only have a 3rd grader & 2 middlers at home. If my 8th grader gets into the school she's applied for, I'll only have a third and a sixth grader.  That will be weird after so many years of having a large age spread!

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Yeah I would love to know how to get it done and what curriculum is helpful. I can't outsource with my older two yet. I am praying next year my oldestight be ready for a College course or two. Anyone with special needs? My first and third are and unfortunately it has affected us so much. My second is such a good worker but he gets lost in the shuffle.


I want... I need to know what curriculum you use and recommend. Pretty, pretty please!! Because this is my path....

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