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Another question about SOS Spanish...

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For all who responded to my question about SOS Spanish & Visual Link...Thank you!


My dd took Spanish 1 with a teacher (native speaker) last year. They used BJU. I'm not sure how thorough it was, however, or how much my dd has retained. It was a two-hour class, one day a week for approximately 30 weeks. The teacher cancelled at least 5 classes due to being sick and bad weather and didn't make up the classes. Having said all that, my dd did learn some, but I'm just not sure if it was enough to be considered a high school credit for a full year.


I'm leaning torwards using SOS for Spanish next year and may use the Visual Link after that to keep it fresh and get more practice with conversation.


Here's my question: should I go ahead and get Spanish 2 or would it be helpful to start the SOS program with Spanish 1 and do that again for a review and solid grounding in Spanish?


I guess what I'm asking is if you started Spanish in another program, could you jump into Spanish 2 with SOS?


By the way, my dd did take an Intro to Spanish class before Spanish 1, so she was pretty familiar with it even before the Spanish 1 class.


Thanks for responding!



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I see that you posted a while back, but I'm new to WTM, and just saw this.

This site has every SOS subject, (listed by subject, not grade) and every lesson title.

The electives are way toward the end.

There is Elementary Spanish, Secondary Spanish, Spanish I, and Spanish II. It really helped me to decide which one.



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My daughter did SOS Spanish 1 her junior year, but was so behind due to working political campaigns that she had to finish Spanish 1 her senior year and then move on to Spanish II. By the end of May, she had only done the first 3 lessons of Spanish 2. She had planned to finish her 2nd year during the summer months, but was notified that she had to come in for a Spanish college placement test early in JUNE. Ooops!


She took that test and tested out of the equivalent of 3 years of High School Spanish.


I'd say your dd would benefit from taking level 1 because it covers more than the average high school class (where, unfortunately, doing a Spanish 1 textbook in 2 years and calling it 2 years of Spanish has become popular). Jumping into level 2 might be akin to diving into the deep end of the swimming pool without knowing how to swim. :001_unsure:


If you search the boards, you can find suggestions on how we've used this program to make it work (i.e. the TON of vocabulary). Gotta run.



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I know this is an old post but just a word of caution for readers that the SOS Spanish has glitches. Occasionally, when your dc types the correct answer, the computer rejects it! I thought this was very odd but I have read reviews from others who have shared the same experience. I just wished I read them before purchasing it. This was a major source of frustration with my highschooler.

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