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Rust stains in white pants?


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Carbona Stain Devil #9 is for rust.



I've not used the one for rust but all the others I've used have worked perfectly.



I've used the one for rust (a little too often, actually). This works great if the rust isn't set in already. Follow the instructions, don't dry the pants before you double check the stain, and re-treat if you need to.


My mom also told me once that cream of tartar is supposed to work for this, but I never tried it. I think I'd do the Carbona first, and then if it didn't work, try the CoT.

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This is what all the baseball moms swear by.


Haha, yup, that's me! Baseball mom every weekend, all around the Southeast....where we don't have "dirt", we have red (from iron) clay. Now run and slide, fall, roll, etc in that red clay with your white baseball pants....go at it. No worries, I've got Iron Out at home :).

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Thanks everyone. I had Bar Keeper's friend on hand, so I tried it. Stains are faint. I hung them to dry and will check again in the morning. Maybe another round of BKF will be enough!


That's exactly why I tried it when DS got rust on his shorts -- I Googled what to use, came across the Barkeeper's Friend tip, and since it was something I already had on hand I tried it first. And it worked. I had already washed the shorts once (but hadn't run them through the dryer), so that may have helped the stains come out easier.

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