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We are in Edmonton!


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I need your help please ladies! (I told my husband you would know!) We have a week or so in which to see the sights around here. What are your top picks? We can travel a few hours away, but ideally need to return to Edmonton in the evenings. What would you do??

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Well A) you drive to meet me at the giant ukrainian egg in vegreville :) it is 1 hour from edmonton, and 1 hour from me so in the middle :) (Actually I will be in Edmonton on Sunday for a little while after dropping my 9 year old off at camp...hint hint :)


As for edmonton My kids love the Muttart, the science centre, royal alberta museum and fort edmonton park. Elk Island national park is on the way to Veg and has Canada's Bison. The Ukrainian cultural village is right next to elk island and is very cool as well. We went for the first time last summer.

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Oohh that would be fun - I need to check with my DH and then I'll PM you if we can do it. (We're staying with friends so I'm not totally in control of the itinerary).


Off to google all the other things you mentioned - thank you! We went to Fort Edmonton Park today, it was great.

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We liked the Ukrainian cultural village, too.


We also rode horses at some gorgeous lake, but I can't remember the name of it.


We did the mall, too, but you can do that anywhere. I liked having new-to-me stores in which to shop, and buy things we couldn't have gotten at home. Learned the hard way not to use the mall ATM for cash LOL. Wouldn't been cheaper to use my credit card, but hindsight ... and all of that.


Enjoy your trip! I hope you get to meet up with swellmomma, what a great opportunity to make the world a bit smaller :)

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there is of course the west edmonton mall....


when we go, we like to daytrip to drumheller, but i'm not sure with all the flooding what is possible/wise and what isn't.

we also like to visit lake louise, and drive thru banff and jasper. we like to visit the glacier (columbia icefield).


visiting the italian centre,

and eating their fresh mozzarella





if you haven't tasted a nanaimo bar, i'd add that to the list. :)


and then there is wine tasting... maybe try



or maybe your friends have suggestions.


swellmomma gave you a great list, too.


have fun - wish i were there....


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We loved the zoo, mostly because the rabbit enclosure was being renovated so the rabbits were bunking with other animals. Every non-predator's habitat had a rabbit or two in it, which struck us as hilarious.


There's also an unassuming little donair shop near the science centre. When we wandered in and confessed that we weren't familiar with donair, the owner was appalled and took it upon himself to educate us. He was so delightfully grumpy (though he did almost smile a little when we all loved his sandwiches). We had more fun there than at the mall, which, as Tita points out, is not that different from any other big mall.

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Yeah the flooding is a huge issue. I would have given more places to visit but so much is in a state of emergency right now.


Also around there. just north of the city by Gibbons is prairie gardens and greenhouses. You can go berry picking and such there. Out past me in Lloydminster is the Barr Colony museum which is small but neat, and a "backyard" zoo that we love. The owners started with a farm animal petting zoo and then started taking in rescue predators. It really is something. The owners are fabulous and love teaching about their animals. They have sent me home with porcupine quills after their porcupine died of old age, and python skin,and the kids found that the hens had laid eggs so they were allowed to gather them and keep them etc.


Actually museum wise, vegreville has a little one the kids like, Mannville has the telephone museum though I don't know if it is open yet, I can check if you like, It also has a tiny museum right when you come into town, Vermilion has a little one.


We like to hit the little ones. Vermilion is doing it's Canada day celebrations early. They are being held on Friday. We are heading to them at 11 when I drop my son off at work, we are taking in the children's activities and then once my son is done work and finds me on mainstreet, we will be learning how to geocache at the provincial park, and then at the soccer fields in the provincial park there is a bbq supper, followed by a magic show, a concert, then an outdoor movie and lastly the fireworks, and hopefully somewhere in there I will get to go visit my new puppy, the breeder lives there. If you will be gone before Monday's celebrations everywhere else it might be a fun way to participate in it. Vermilion is 2 hours east of Edmonton.

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