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Is anyone going to use Old Western Culture RomanRoads?

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Hi! I'm one of the producers of Old Western Culture, and I just saw your question. 

We're a new curriculum so reviews are sparse, but filming with a veteran! If you would like reviews about the instructor, research "Wes Callihan Schola Classical Tutorials." He is loved by a generation of students from his live online classes! 


Also, we just posted some new previews on our site, including a full lesson: http://www.romanroadsmedia.com/store/the-greeks.php

We also post excerpts from our blog: http://www.romanroadsmedia.com/news/


I would be glad to answer any questions!



Daniel Foucachon



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This post was from about a year ago, when Old Western Culture was quite new. Many people are now using it (and loving it from the feedback I'm hearing!). One particularly well-written review was from Exodus Books, and I thought it would be helpful to anyone thinking about the program. 


You can find the review by Exodus Books here: http://www.exodusbooks.com/category.aspx?id=8369


And we now have a full "Preview the Course" page where you can watch full lessons from each unit, download the accompanying materials and workbooks, etc. You can see all that here: http://www.romanroadsmedia.com/sample-lessons/


Hope this helps, 




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