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Math Bands...if you bought them...how are you planning on using them?

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I just got mine in the mail today..but I can't decide how the best way to use them will be? Do you invision your child wearing all of them (after giving them one at a time)?...or putting them on a string for easy access...what are you all thinking???

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My goal is to get my daughter to know her multiplication facts by heart. We got the bands two days ago. She knows the 1x and 2x so I have her wearing only the 3x band. I randomly asked her throughout the day "what is 3x3?" and "what is 3x4?". The first few times she looked at the band and had to count, and now she knows them without looking. Tomorrow I will add in "what is 3x5?" and so on. One band at a time. Once she can answer all of the 3x questions then I will have her add the 4x band.

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