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The perils of super-moon


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Amazingly, I agreed to have THREE extra kids tonight (2 nieces and 1 nephew), and planned lasagna for supper. I sat down for too long while preheating the oven, and was a little late starting to bake it. Gave the kids snacks to tide them over the next 70+ minutes until supper would be ready.


70 minutes later, when it was time to uncover the lasagna and let it brown for 10 more minutes, I found I put it in the wrong oven. I baked empty air for more than an hour, while the lasagna slowly thawed in the other (cold) oven.


I made mac & cheese for the 4 youngest kids. The teen opted to wait another 70+ minutes with us addled adults for the lasagna.




We thought music (The Sound of Music) would soothe the savage (but fed) little beasts, but before the opening number could even start 3 of them ran outside to play. Okay. I can deal with that. I get a spot on the sofa now.


Wow, sitting. Who'd a thunk it could feel so goooood? And peace at least for the opening credits. Ahhhhh......

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