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Needs Labs to go with Physical Science

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I have attached the schedule I finally finished for our year of Physical Science. As you will see I was planning on doing the Concepts in Action lab book for experiments. Well, I just added up the bill for materials and it is way over $200. HELP!!! This is way out of my budget. I need to find another source of labs so I dont have to scrap all this planning. Any ideas or thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks!


Oh, BTW I had thought about keeping the schedule but mixing it with the schedule of experiments and videos on Easy Peasy. Would that work and be enough for an 8th grader? What other options do I have?

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I aligned the Logos Science labs with CIA Physical Science text. Logos cost about $199; however, you can use all of the labs. Logos labs are aligned to BJU Physical Science, which presents motion type labs first followed by chemistry. Logos labs are more motion directed, so I was thinking about adding an easy polymer lab and maybe some basic food chemistry tests. This is all planned for the fall.

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Look at: Physics With Toys (1st edition; the 2nd edition uses mostly K'Nex, which you would then have to buy) for ideas.


Or look over the Science Wiz kits. There are several experiments in each, and each kit is just $20. They come with everything you need, except for an occasional 9-V battery, water, or rubbing alcohol, and they work. They include feathers, paperclips, plastic cups, marbles, all those obnoxious to obtain things. For Physical science, you could pick and choose from Inventions, Light, Magnetism, and several others. The color kit is too young for your crew, I believe.

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