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German textbook high school

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I would like to find a good German textbook for high school level beginner student.

The student has experience with other languages and is very familiar with

cases. The student also likes grammar.


I really like the BJU French and the BJU Spanish because they get

difficult fairly quickly and have lots (and lots) of drills. (Their readings are

not very interesting, but I supplement). They don't have German.


Could you please recommend a good German textbook with lots of grammar?

Also could you recommend an interesting easy readings book? (I have lots of

little kids' books but they are not very exciting for a high school student.)


Thank you!

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My daughter used German is Fun, Book 1 in her German 1 class this past year:




The only negative thing I can say about it is that the book doesn't give a vocabulary list for each chapter. You sort of have to make your own list. Other than that, the book is well-regarded in the high school world.

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My daughter takes German with Rolling Acres online. They use a textbook called German Made Simple by Arnold Leitner for the first two years of German (but there are other things added to the course like weekly compositions, prayers memorized, etc). It is a great book and covers a lot of material. It is not busy, and at first it appeared deceptively simple to me. All the answers to the exercises are in the back of the book. Rolling Acres also adds in a book called German Grammar Drills. As for German readers, we purchased some German fairy tale books. We got everything from Amazon. HTH.

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