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WWYD? Help! PAL (Blended Sight-Sound) & LOE-F (OG Method) Combining?


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Whilst looking for a spelling program for the place where PAL requires it (not an AAS fan, but I do have AAS tiles I use), I came across LOE and fell absolutely head over heels for it. I researched and decided this was the spelling program I wanted to use.


BUT after researching more, I got iffy on the practices behind PAL reading (obviously sight words, even though they partially decode those sight words using phonograms learnt through that lesson.)


I ended up purchasing Logic of English Foundations (after all if I am going to be using LOE, it only made sense to use what would come before it for reading, least that was my logic then). Plus it included speech tips, multi-sensory activities and locations of mouth for each phonogram. With all of this I'm thinking I could combine the children (who are all within the recommended ages of the curriculum 4-7).


I am still going to use PAL-W, and instead of LOE-F formation (apart from gross/fine motor skills) I will use the letter stories in PAL-W to introduce the way the letter looks.


So thats fine, however, now I have this beautiful program sitting right here (PAL-R) thats taunting me...I'm wondering, would it be compatible for me to do alongside LOE-F? Or will it confuse her. I'm sure the other kids would like the games that go along with it. Would it be too much?


Basically I'm very very confused and there is not much information out there in regards to these two programs considering they are both so new, so I have not as yet found comparisons between the two (esp since as of now LOE-F is still unfinished).


PAL-R is taunting me, and so beautiful and fun, plus it includes poetry, fun little farm, lots of file folder games, work agenda, :( Please tell me its compatible with LOE-F, and that it wouldn't be too much to add on (DDs focus this year is LA, so I have more wiggle room & time to spend on that). LOE-F would be for all the kids, so may possibly go quite slow (but would help DS out with his speech, and get him to join in doing things).


Another option is using PAL-R as Atlas' main program, and using LOE-F as a mop-up. She can "Help" me/be a Teacher's Assistant in teaching her younger siblings, plus get review & gaps at the same time? It really all depends on the complexity of the combined programs and whether they are compatible or not with one another.


See, I keep going round and round.

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I haven't used LOE but I use Phonics Road which is the O-G method. I have tried PAL


The approaches of the programs are very different. Using them together would not work for me. I found the PAL approach did not work here. It is cute and I wanted to like it but my kids had no retention and could not blend.

My vote would be to pick the approach that works best and just use that way.

At our house we use AAR to get them reading and then we go into Phonics Road.

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