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How to care for hard wood floors?

Just Kate

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Vinegar leaves streaks on my dark-stained hardwood.


I use Bona. I've seen Bona in my local grocery stores, and in Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's water-based. You spray it on, wipe it off (use a micro-fiber mop).


I vacuum my hardwood floors with a canister vac, or with the hose attachment on my upright. That's the best way. You can dustmop, or sweep if you have a small pile of something :-) but vacuuming is the best (followed by Bona).

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I just put a splash in a gallon of water. It only leaves streaks for me if I use too much.


Yeah me too, I occasionally over do the vinegar and get streaks. I like chemical free cleaning, so I live with it. Getting the kids to slide around with socks on gets it nice and shiny ;)

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