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Need printable flashcards or app


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I thought this would be easier. I am embarrassed to say that I need some help finding what I need. Here is what I am looking for:


Printable flashcards covering addition and subtraction from 1-20. I need the teens included (12+5 for example). I would prefer horizontal but vertical is ok. I don't need the answers included, just the questions.


Another option is an app for iphone/itouch covering the same thing.


I need all the questions, not just a selection.


For some reason this is harder to find than I expected. I just wasted 45 mins of my life trying to find these. I can find lots saying they have facts through 20, but they stop at 10+10 and don't seem to extend into the facts with the teens. To me, all facts within 20 means all of them. Am I looking for the wrong thing?


Any Hive Help would be much appreciated.


Ans yes I can make them myself, but I was hoping for some nice PDF

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I use the anki app for flashcards. I haven't looked, but I would guess that someone has made and shared what you are looking for. Otherwise I could throw something together using Excel to generate it later today. You would want all facts within 20, but not crossing, correct?

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3rd for anki. It's free for android and computer but I think you have to pay for iPhone. It uses a special logarithm to make sure you are reviewing the right flashcards and they have hundreds of decks that are user generated to upload.

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Thank you all so much!


Silver, I want to especially thank you. I am a bit speechless. That was so kind of you.


I am going to print out the flashcards AND get an app, lol. My kid is going to have those facts mastered this summer come hell or high water!


He has a leeetle issue with 'challenged speech' meaning that he has a difficult time accessing a response when he is asked a direct question that requires a specific answer. So, if you ask him 'what is 3+1?' he freezes like a deer in the headlights, even though he knows the answer. Our newest tactic is to try practicing with flashcards until it becomes so rote that he is no longer anxious. So, I thank you all for your help!

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