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Anyone else who normally schools during the summer taking off?

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We normally take about a month off in the summer, but this summer, for a combination of reasons (me opening a new business, a special camp that happened to occur the first week of public school vacation, new chickens and building a big coop) we seem to be taking a long summer. We are still trying to read daily (want to finish up some history and science books before the fall) and younger is finishing up about 10 pages of LIvely Latin Book 1, but really, we are pretty much relaxing. Part of me is worried, but part of me is grateful. We need a break and older really needed a break. He is back to his happy self, playing with his slinky, starting to practice chess again, learning Settlers of Catan and teaching the family, helping with the chickens, swimming in the pool and reading light books.


I am a bit nervous about our "re-entry" in the fall, but I think we'll just take it slow and hope for the best.



Anyone else taking the summer off?

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I'm going lighter than planned. A bit of mommy burnout after 3+ years of going year round, and then the recent death of my FIL. We took several weeks off and now I am just kind of wanting to enjoy my kids this summer. We're still doing some work, but less than I originally thought. We are spending more time at the pool :)

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I have homeschooled for the past five (six?) summers.


But this year? I still don't know.


My DS was diagnosed with an usual variation of a muscular disorder last year and I am still trying to figure out what to do for him, academically. He is very advanced in most areas, except those requiring actual writing. He is in therapy and making great progress, but we found out a few weeks ago that he will likely need therapy for years to come. So my idea of taking this year light to focus on therapy has gone out the window. We can't school light long-term.


We did take a month off earlier, then came back and did one week of light school. This week is an academic camp. I had planned on starting back next week, but now am questioning that.


I am feeling a strong need to purge the house - declutter and rearrange furniture, think critically about what homeschool materials we will never get around to using now, etc. The house feels crammed with new therapy equipment spread everywhere.School area is too dark for my mood right now, need a window with a good sunny view. I have gained weight with all the stress and need to focus on my health for a few weeks, set up some good eating and workout habits.


It is mid-June and I still don't really know if we are schooling this summer or not.

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Well, this is only our second summer, so there isn't really a "normal" yet . . . but yeah, we are doing less than I hoped, but about what I expected! Last year I was really bummed about it, but this year I'm taking it more in stride. We can do work on days when we're just hanging out at home, but if there is anything else scheduled for the day, it's just an exercise in frustration to try and "do school" too. So, this week they've had a 1/2 day camp, next week dad is off, we have one open week, then there is a 3-week theater camp . . . so not much will happen around here till August!


I did give dd10 a list yesterday of the things she needs to finish before theater camp starts. A little math, the last couple of chapters in the science book, stuff like that, nothing too onerous. I will remind her at the beginning of each week, but not hover, and I fully intend to enforce this, if she doesn't get it done she will spend the Sunday before camp sitting at her desk! It's as much a lesson in self-management and responsibility as it is about the work.

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We're taking a bit of a break for a few weeks. Our official start date is July 1st, but things are going to be hectic. We have an in-town move at the end of July, then an out-of-state move in the fall. I'm pretending like neither of those is looming at the moment and just trying to focus on the day-to-day activities.

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