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Question about Classical House of Learning Literature. (Logic)

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I know the reading is completely scheduled but what about the activities? I don't see where those are in the schedule other than them just being listed to do. How have you fit those in?




By the way, I know this may be a completely obvious but I'm doing planning for 5...yeah, mush for brains right now.

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Uhmm, just yesterday I was scheduling CHOLL for our fall semester. :) Ds will be using a few of the book guides from CHOLL Grammar 2 Ancients and a large chunk of Logic Ancients.


I printed out all the student pages that he will need for the fall. Ds will be using a modified file folder system with one folder per week. As I printed out the student pages, I noted which ones covered more than one week and printed multiple pages when needed. I looked at the activities and decided which one I wanted him to do. Often I decided this based on the materials we already own. We have the Eyewitness Egypt book on the shelf so that is what he is doing. It looked like most of the projects would be or could be completed over several days, so I just thought ds would do them the same week he read the book. If the book covered more than one week, I just looked at the work load and decided where to put it. I don't recall it being a big deal.


Haven't actually used it yet, but I hth-


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Thanks everyone. I went to the mall food court this morning for 3 hours to plan in silence and was able to think more clearly about this.


Last year we did history every week for about 2.5 hours. It included reading SOTW, 1 or 2 easy library books, map work, narration, coloring page, and 1 project. In addition to that we had about 5 hours scheduled for literature unrelated to history. This year when I decided to use CHOLL instead of the SOTW AG, I was still thinking of it as just history...so trying to figure out how to fit all the reading and activities into our 2.5 hour history block. Now that I've brushed the cobwebs out of my head I realize that all the reading (even the optional or activity reading) from CHOLL can be done in those 5 hours a week and I can schedule 30 minutes of additional time a day when needed for her to work on the activities and short writing assignments from CHOLL. :001_rolleyes:


So you are right Mandy, it isn't a big deal! Whew!

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