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Vocab question Word within a Word

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I haven't used it, but I have it.

We've used CE 1 and are in 2 right now. You may also want to check logic and K8 boards. I know there's been discussion. Check for WWW abbreviation too.


I'd say it's very open and go. 20 words each week, some activities, lots of memorization.

The words are ones you'd see most often in classic literature. I've been pleased with words in CE.

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Dd used it. She started in sixth grade and finished in March of this year (we did have two periods of about six weeks each without vocab--my dad's death and then when we were prepping the house for sale).


She spent like 7 or 8 school days per "list" for the roots, 6 school days per "list" once they became all words instead of roots. WWtW is very easy to use!


Dd had a strong vocab before. Now she has an amazing vocab with the ability to understand complex unfamiliar words. I highly recommend it.

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we used Ceasar and doing wwtw next year. ds does the book, enters all the words into vocabarcade, and then plays games of his choice the 3rd and sometimes 4th day. He has enjoyed it and it has improved his vocab already. He checks his own work. Vocabarcade serves as both a way to memorize and test his retention. He goes back and replays a set as he wishes.

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Thanks so much. I think I'll go with WWW then as there will be additional vocab in the Lightning Lit that he'll be doing. The fact that it's easy to use is a plus as he'll have a lot on his plate between piano & trumpet lessons, swim team & going to ps part time for band & honours math plus his other school work, including outsourcing writing & ideally a coop (he asked now that he's back to not being embarrassed to homeschool.) He'll be in 8th grade, so a bit older, but it's within the range they suggest.

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