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Things to do in Cincinnati or other Southern Ohio locations besides the Levee/Aquarium.


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In August, my sis and I are going to take a long weekend and get my mom out of the house. We are seeing some negative psycholgical/emotional symptoms in her from this long bout of caretaking of my dad on top of financial woes. Dad hasn't worked in the business since the first of March and it's tanking...I doubt the employees can keep the doors open much longer. So there is that stress on top of everything else and, subject for a different thread, we are concerned. Dad will be perfectly fine for me to leave alone by then with dh and the boys checking up on him.


So, I'm trying to find something to do that's a day's drive from here, and only 3-6 hrs. driving for my sis. I'm in let's say somewhere in the Mid-Michigan or Central area of the lower Penninsula and she's in Bardstown KY (I guess Elizabethtown would be the next largest city if you are trying to get a handle on where she would be driving from).


We've done the boardwalk on the Levee and the Aquarium in Cincinnati.


Suggestions? I'd prefer the tickets to any event not be more than $20.00 per person so keep that in mind too.


Thanks Hive,


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The Art museum in Mt Adams is free and AWESOME!!! We took dh there for Fathers Day, you can also walk around Eden park and do the butterfly house there (not free, but don't know how much)

The Museum Center downtown at the old Railroad Station, again- truly great. You can purchase tickets to all or just some of the different museums.

The zoo is great too! Lots of cool stuff to do in Cincinnati.


Not right in Cincinnati, but Loveland castle is a private residence that a man built and is maintained by an ecletic club of people, only allot about an hour for this though, but it is pretty inexpensive.



Eta: Oh, and Jungle Jims international store. The original in Fairfield is better, but the Eastgate location is pretty cool too,

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Let's see:


Creation Museum in Northern KY


Natural History Museum and Cincinnati History Museum at Union Terminal (The Cincinnati History Museum is my favorite. An old train station houses several museums and they have some great displays from the WWII era) There are also special exhibits going on all the time.


IMAX Theater also at Union Terminal


Freedom Center


Taft Museum of Art


Are you looking more for indoor/outdoor activities?

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Thanks everyone! I'll check out these options. Museums and whatnot are always a good thing. Mom loves that.





Definitely look at Union Terminal. I loved going there with my grandpa because he grew up taking the trains there :-). He also loved the Cincinnati Historical Museum because the exhibits were from his era.

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Ice cream from putz creamy whip or graeters

Union terminal rotunda tour

Eden park

Khron conservancy

Pyramid hill sculpture garden ( you can rent golf carts)

Carew tower

Fort ancient

Hopewell culture nhp

There are absolutely dozens of parks and reserves

Civic garden center

Civil war tour

Sharon woods

Gorman heritage park

Grant birthplace

Harrison burial site

Taft NHS

Cincinnati art museum

Fountain square


I could go on...


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