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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Yes, it is really really early to be posting this thread. 3:51 a.m. I'm hoping that I'll be able to go back to sleep soon. And then I hope that I'll oversleep to make up for it. So I might as well type this now while I'm trying to get sleepy again.


Clean kitchen


Check account balance

Pharmacy - yet again.


Dd history - get out My Book House guide and look for what I need for today.

Dd L.A. - grammar

Dd math - finish math book

Put hold on LofF jellybeans

Ds - TC lecture

Write course description

yard work

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I hope you're sleeping again!


Yes. I did. I'm frequently up for about 15 min. of so in the middle of the night and then the pain settles down and I can go back to sleep. But until the cramps settle I know there is nothing I can do so I come here for a few minutes to distract myself. And lately, to get some "work" done by making out my list!


Two more things that I didn't think of in the wee hours:


Get two references for ds's volunteer application

Ack. . . what was the other one? It's gone. I will run over here and write it down as soon as I remember!

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I don't want to do any.thing. I hit the third trimester and all my motivation flew out the window.


unload/reload dishwasher

wash towels

put roast in crockpot

mail package

quick grocery stop

pick up milk from co-op

fold giant pile of laundry in living room

organize living room

make pesto from garlic scapes

cook potatoes and peas

put up new bird feeder

load dishwasher again



fold towels


To do:

bedtime for girls

craft for myself? or pass out in front of tv


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Its almost noon here and we spent the morning at the park and running errands. Now I'm taking a break before starting the busy part of my day.



Renew driver's license

wash cloth diapers

quick straighten up of the house so I hopefully return on Saturday night to a clean house

quick clean all 3 bathrooms

Kids to kung fu

pack small cooler for trip

have everything by front car to load into car in the morning

make dh schedule car repair for while i'm away

line up someone to pick up CSA share

30 minute read aloud

30 minute personal reading

print out vendor map and book list!

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Tidy up, laundry, dishes. No motivation to do any of it but I've started the laundry. Oh and clean out my car. I need to get things really tidy since the next 5 days or so are rather busy. Tomorrow is food drive and dh and dfil are building a new front porch so I don't fall of as the pregnancy progresses. At some point this weekend I'm to go to the casino with dfil, and some sort of family adventure with dh and dd. I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting.


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Oh good grief no. This is the first day I have had to do almost nothing in weeks......I am lounging around, making phone calls, checking email, ordering stuff I need to order, etc.....but I am not leaving this house!

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Well, off to tackle today! So far:


Normal morning chores

Dr's appt this a.m. ( not related to dog bite )

another trip to the pharmacy



Still to do:

dinner in crockpot

freezer ( still not done -- arrgh)

grain buckets and shelf ( delegated to ds )

list three pieces of furniture on craigslist

begin pantry clean-out, if time

plant flowers and extra tomato and pepper plants ( doing this tonight with kids )

phone calls to chiro and surgeon



Now, I'm off to accomplish things :-) Happy day to you all!

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10:30 report - I'm actually getting some things done today. Woo hoo!


Showered/dressed/ate breakfast

Watched TC lecture with ds15

Got My Book House book from downstairs (where dd is afraid to go because of spiders) and assigned her an Egyptian Cinderella story

Checked account balance

Bought a Groupon just perfect for ds15's birthday next week.

Put a hold on Life of Fred Jelly Beans and Kidney



Next up: meds and then clean the kitchen

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9:22 pm


Nap! These mega allergy meds I have to take are knocking me out. I cannot handle it!

Read some Thomas books to Han Solo

Read his favorite book, Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo twice. This was also Indy's favorite book and I still know it by heart.

Thought about sweeping the kitchen

Decided it could wait until tomorrow

1 load of laundry

Watched some TV

Freaked out at 5pm, when I realized Indy had a mandatory meeting for his Archery merit badge at 5:30 and the traffic coming off post is HORRIBLE at that time of the day

Scrambled to get him there on time-totally did 'cause I rock

Picked up dinner-BAD, BAD, BAD!

Surfed the interwebs (the kitchen floor really can wait until tomorrow!)

Filled out some forms for Indy to go to Scout camp next week down in Garmisch (he'll be hiking in the Alps)

Went to pick Indy up at the appointed time and waited 45 minutes because they weren't finished-fortunately, I had my Kindle, so I read

Put gas in my car


And that's it. I'm done.


Sparkle, how do you get those cool check marks???? Are they from the mac character viewer?

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We have completed the language portion of the testing and had lunch.


I showered, dressed, and completed a load of dishes during testing. I have a ton of dishes to do. I came home from scouts at 10pm last night to find not only the dishes I didn't finish yesterday, but dinner and dessert dishes waiting as well. Add to those breakfast and lunch for today. I feel like I'm going to be doing dishes all day. Ugh.

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Laundry is done

Vacuuming done

Reviewed dd's piano theory flash cards, practiced her pieces with her for lesson

Cleaned out bedside table and found four brand new journals

Boys cleaned out recycling bins and took them in for $$$

Cleared out two bags from the garage

Cleaned upstairs bathrooms


To do:


dd's piano lesson

Park (if it's cool enough) I'm itching to try my new camera!

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Everything but the plants and the freezer are done! We got involved in clearing the shelf for the grain buckets and before it was done I had a load in the truck for Goodwill and the entire shelving unit was cleaned and organized. It was sort of like when you give a mouse a muffin ;-) Then it was time to pick up dd from music camp. Hope everyone has a good and productive rest of the day :-)

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OK - so I drove 40 minutes south of us to get a reference for ds15 for his volunteering at the library. It was at our former pastor's house that smells very strongly of cat litter. The house looks clean but smells horrible. They take in all sorts of strays. They also rescued a duckling from the mouth of one of the cats and have it in a banker's box in one of the rooms. He was cute.


Then I drove about 60 minutes north from there to my chiropractor's. I was late but ds called ahead for me and explained that I was still coming. I really really like my chiro. He keeps me alive and functioning. The Feldenkrais guy on the other hand sort of skeeves me out. But he hasn't crossed any lines and I prepaid for 5 hours so I'm still going but will not buy any more sessions after that. Unless he crosses a line in which case I will yell long and hard.


Anyway - after the chiro. I stopped next door at the grocery store and got the "chicken meal deal" and some snacks and totally forgot to pick up toilet paper which we desperately need since we are on the last roll. Then I drove to the taekwando dojo and dropped off a reference sheet there for ds's second reference. He said he would get it to ds tonight at taekwando.


Then I came home. I'm eating a snack now of cute tiny little quiches and some unsweetened applesauce. Then I have to go to the pharmacy to get my prescription and finally get some TOILET PAPER!

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Got the toilet paper and my prescription - and 9 bars of Theo's dark chocolate with salted almonds because they always run out and I'm tired of looking there in vain for my fix. The lady had the gall to suggest that the reason they run out is because I pick up 9 bars at a time! I just laughed and told her to order more of the good stuff.

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Sparkle, how do you get those cool check marks???? Are they from the mac character viewer?


Hold down the alt key and type 251 on the numeric keypad.


Take ds to light rail station √

Make deposit at bank √

Reschedule hair appt √

Go through box of stuff and put away

Pick up ds from school √

Schoolwork √

Laundry √

Clean off dining room table √


Most of the stuff on my list is done. I'm a little irritated because I was reading Silas Marner out loud to ds, and I looked over and he was asleep. Grrr...

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Well I was gone to teh city today before this thread got started so I will do a recap instead


*Got up at 445am with the dogs we are sitting, because they thought it was time to play.

*8am sent dd13 to go check on the cats we are sitting and walk the dogs

*On the road at 9am to head to the city.

*Went to University to see if the ortho students could do dd13's braces

learned her mouth is seriously messed up, too severe for the undergrads, got referred to the grad studies, will here in 3 months if she will be selected. Looks like she needs a break and wire before they can even start the braces. Instead of the low price of $5K at the undergrad clinic we are looking at closer to $7-8K at the grad clinic, which is similar to the price of a private clinic. Did I mention we don't have private insurance for this, and that they said if we don't do it soon she is likely going to end up with serious issues with her jaw (she has a molar coming in like *this* close to the joint, adult teeth missing(never decended), major over crowding, and just a whole heap of trouble. Price will just keep going up the longer we wait.

*went to reuse center. One of our favorite places to go, for $5 you can take as much as you want, we got canning jars, books, candles to melt down to make new ones, board games, office/school supplies, craft supplies, altoids tins(want for organization and the survival kits we are making in 2 weeks), and the kids love it because I hand them each a basket and tell them to go find what they want. I never say no to their treasure hunt there. Filled entire back of station wagon with boxes and bags filled with stuff

*went to thrift shop and bought some home decor and supplies for sensory bins/trays

*went to Dollar store, filled up on pet supplies, home items (so glad I can get advil etc there), craft supplies and items for sensory bins/trays

*had dinner at folks place

*took boys for haircuts

*finally on road back home, did I mention earlier the city is 2 hours from us and the car was so over loaded with purchases I could not see out the back window and the kids were buried in bags

*got home, the 2 youngest helped me unload the car while the 2 oldest took the dogs for a run and checked on the cats we are pet sitting

*cleaned out car completely, now just need a nonrainy day to shampoo the interior and wipe everything down

*sorted out all purchases, and put 2/3 of it away, rest has to wait until tomorrow.

*it is now 12:28am and I am finally heading to bed before the dogs think it is playtime again.

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