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Online math (specifically geometry) suggestions?

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I'm looking for an online math option for my daughter. I would definitely describe her as good at math with a fairly easy understanding of concepts. She doesn't mind working, doesn't really want to work a ton, and we both think that busy work is from the devil.


I looked into myhomeschoolmathclass offered by Jann in Tx and asked here for reviews. Thank you both for your input! My daughter has a Latin class that she LOVES but the one thing she just really doesn't like is that she has to grade her own work.


I looked at Derek Owens but she wants a live class like Latin.


She do NOT like to curriculum hop. She would prefer to find a program and stick with it so we'd like something that offers the rest of her math options, too.


Any ideas?

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We are starting this fall at TPS (The Potter's School). We'll be taking Chemistry and possibly Physical Science. I do realize that's not math :) but just in case you haven't checked them out I have heard good reports of their math program.

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If she is good at math and hates busy work, I would suggest Art of Problem Solving.




The Geometry class is purported to be the hardest of the introductory courses; my girls found it challenging but fascinating. They both call it their favorite AoPS class.


If you are interested in AoPS, check out the free alcumus section of the website.


(Woot! 500th post! Only took me eleven years of homeschooling.....)

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Dd13 is currently enrolled in the AoPS online Geometry class, about halfway through the course. It is by far the most challenging class she has ever had---which is what she was looking for when she asked to take the class!


It meets once a week for 1.5 hrs, from 7:30-9 pm Eastern/4:30-6 pm Pacific time. Almost all of their classes are held during that time slot.


There is NO busy work in an AoPS class or book!


It is best for the student to go into the class time already having worked through the relevant book sections/chapter. That means reading each section, doing all the end-of-section problems, and completing the end-of-chapter review and challenge problems. That alone is equivalent to the work of what I consider to be a math class!


In addition, the online course has assigned Alcumus problems and a weekly problem set of about 10 problems, with 2 of those being free-response questions (either a proof or an "explain your reasoning" problem).


Dd zips through the Alcumus problems and the first six or so weekly problems. She has to spend more time with the remaining four problems/proofs. She is an extremely motivated and engaged math student who enjoys wrestling with the problem set!



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I looked at Derek Owens but she wants a live class like Latin.


Last year, my dd said the same thing yours did: she wanted a live online class. However, we chose the DO route because *I* did NOT want to grade proofs. Geometry is not my forte and I wasn't confident in grading the proofs. IMO, this math course is one of the trickiest to grade, so I wanted to hire that out. What a great decision for us. My dd has done exceptionally well with this format. He is an EXCELLENT teacher, and very thorough in his presentation. Turn around for homework and tests to be graded is usually 24-48 hours. He answers questions usually within the same time frame. In one case, dd still didn't understand, so he created a live presentation on the blackboard explaining the concept in detail and dd got it. Just thought I'd mention our situation, and see if it helped you in your decision. :)



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