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How much to tip?

Miss Marple

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My son and dil gave me a Groupon for a 90 minute massage. I'm planning to use it this afternoon. The instructions say that the holder of the Groupon tips based on the original price of the service. What percentage is usual to tip a massage therapist?


I cannot fathom spending 90 minutes in any one place so I hope this doesn't totally bore me :p

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I usually tip $10 - $15 for a 60 minute massage, and $15 - $20 for a 90 minute. If I've been in real pain and I know my massage therapist has worked out some bad things in there, I've sometimes tipped more (I usually go to the same person).


Recently I was there and someone actually asked the owner of the place I go what people usually tip for their 60-minute massage, and she said $10, so I've decided I've been doing it right all these years! It sometimes seems a little low to me, honestly. This person actually has their hands on your body for an hour or so. I think they deserve at least what you'd tip someone who carries a plate of food to your table. Now I think I should adjust my own personal tipping policy, regardless of what the owner said.........

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