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Rightstart arrived in apalling condition, what to do?

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I live in Australia. I ordered Activities for the AL Abacus & Worksheets for AL.


Its taken longer than normal to arrive, and DH came home with this box that LITERALLY looks like a truck drove over it several times, back and forth. Complete with tread indentations.


I'm thinking, they are books, so hopefully they are okay....well they are not.


The covers are pitted (sort of like if you slammed and ground them into gravel), the spines (coil) have been squished and are eye shaped (nearly flattened at one end) skewed and generally nowhere near round. Because of this stress, the covers and a couple of pages have ripped in two (inside binding and outside binding, tearing at the holes-stresspoints.


Had I been in america, I would of called the company to see my rights there (and to let them kno what happened) then possibly uncoil and fix pages, and re-coil with new coils. BUT Australia works with A4, not whatever sizing the book is, so I would have to order a set of two different sized spines just for rightstart from the US. I can also only email RS, and there's not much they can do from this far away I would suspect (and its not really their fault anyways).


I was thinking of uncoiling it, somehow figuring out how to fix the edging (really I think the only option would be pocket knife thing and doing it page by page, which could take forever) and putting it into a binder (but I really don't want it in a binder, or at least I don't want the activity one in a binder).


WWYD? Options? Ideas? I've been thinking about just re-purchasing it (but in a year, after I calm down and be less paranoid), but I really don't want to waste money again.


Thank you for reading.


ETA: In case it matters, I took photos, they are currently held hostage on hubby's phone, I have to wait till he's willing to upload them to show/send.

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I'm in Australia too, and this happens occasionally. I think the distance allows for greater chance of damage. What was the shipping? Did it include insurance?Nearly everything I have gotten fro the US included insurance. You might want to check.

As for AL worksheets, I ended up tearing out pages to give to my DS. I never handed him the whole thing. So maybe just leave it as it is, and tear out as you go?

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