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Favorite things to do in Anchorage


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Well, today my best advice would have been to try to find some place cool...It was 90. Yuck! But, since some people actually find this kind of weather attractive, I'll try to play nice.


In Anchorage proper, there are several nice trails. The Tony Knowles trail starts in downtown anchorage and follows along the sound for about 14 miles. Its paved and you can walk as far as you want to. Lots of nice scenery, birds, marine life, etc.

There is a nice trail leading from the museum (worth a visit) down to the trail that has little scaled marking of planets in the solar system. Fun for the kids as you walk along.


You can also rent bike at the head of the trail. We've never done it so I'm not sure of cost.


There is an indoor water park, H2Oasis. But, seriously, skip it. We go there because it is all we have on tap. But, ick! Nothing to write home about.


There are lots of little touristy shops and things you can find out about by grabbing a little magazine/coupon book in almost any store.


If you have a car and want to drive a little ways, about 15 miles north is the Eagle River Nature Reserve. Parking is $5.00 and you could spend the day exploring the trails. There are several look out areas over the lakes where you can get close up looks at fish and anything else that wonders by. It is well patrolled and bear sightings are marked and there are a fair number of people milling about so it is quite safe. The great thing about hiking in Alaska is that noisy kids are a real plus!


Feel free to PM me and I'll give you more specifics based on when and where you'll be staying. There are a few of us here in the Anchorage area, perhaps we could all meet up for an hour or two. If you're interested PM and I'll see what I can arrange.

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Rent bikes and ride some of the bike trails throughout the city, go to flat top and hike to the top, eat at the Moose's Tooth Pizza place (they are expensive but really good), visit the tourist shops, if you want to drive a little piece go to Lake Eklutna or Alyeska.


If you aren't talking Anchorage, AK you can ignore my post.

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