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Does Startwrite have a cursive font similar to Pentime?


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Their "Cursive" (that's what it's called in the listing) is probably the closest thing. It's not exact, but close enough for simple worksheets. After all, your instruction would come from the Pentime workbooks themselves.


If you want the exact font and haven't already bought Startwrite, Educational Fontware has it: http://educationalfontware.com/

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Yeah, download Startwrite at a time that you can leave it open (don't turn your computer off or let it update overnight) for as long as you want to try it. Once you close it, it will revert to a demo mode (important letters like "e" are missing). That first time you have it open, it is the full version, and you can do whatever you want.


Startwrite is probably a bit easier to use, since EFI requires you to do the cursive linking. On the other hand, EFI would be more flexible because you can use it in any program (Word, etc.). Startwrite limits what you can do in their program. I don't use it horribly often, so it hasn't been a big deal. Plus Startwrite is cheaper (call and use the code "HSBC" to see if they'll still give 25% off... I don't see it on HSBC anymore, but it used to be in their coupon corner - doesn't hurt to try it!).


To be honest, I've not needed to make cursive worksheets since using Pentime. We do the Pentime workbook, and then I have him do cursive on his own as I determine he's ready for it. What I *would* like is some Pentime wall strips that have the example letters on them, so he could look up how to form a letter if he forgets. I remember using those in school and finding them very helpful.

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