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We were working cattle one day with a neighbor over to help.

Sending them through our portable tub and alley (most of which are designed with curves like Temple Grandin has always recommended) we discussed the fact that she had come up with a concept that revolutionized the industry.


Our neighbor had gone to school at CSU about 15 years ago and took a couple of her classes. "She's just weird, you guys."


Uh, Casey? You do know she has autism, right? Like Rain Man?

He was floored. lol

Somehow he'd never known that.


On the flip side, my mom was a Special Ed teacher for 30 years who specialized in autism and Temple Grandin has been a driving force behind autism education.



How incredible is that???

A woman, who should have spent her life trapped in an institution, has revolutionized the attitudes and function of both livestock handling as well as children's education. Completely unrelated, yet both affect millions every day.

In case you couldn't guess, she's one of my heros. ;)

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