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What items are needed for K12 Literature?


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I see that there are the 2 readers, student pages, and teacher's manual. What are the absolute must haves? Or is all of it necessary?



That's all I bought and it's working wonderfully.


But I didn't go through K12, I bought it all used from Amazon.

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We did Classics for Young Readers 6 last year, and I bought the teacher pages (not student pages) for guiding our discussions about the reading selections. We did everything verbally, no writing output. The teacher pages saved me time and helped me know what to highlight in our talks. We didn't do the online program, just bought used and did it on our own. I even learned some things. : ) We enjoyed the stories and I don't wish I had done it differently now. It was an easy, light intro to lit analysis. Like PP, I bought the reader and teacher pages used on Amazon, I believe less than $15 for both.

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