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Singapore-style Math for JK, SK, 1?


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Is there a better version of Singapore Early Bird/Essentials/PM1? With my first, I tried Early Bird. It didn't click and we used a mash of things until going back to PM1 with Miquon. Not totally happy. PM 2 she hit her stride and we're finishing PM3B right now.


For my second I've tried Essentials. Still not great. I'm also using Right Start A in parts. I don't think he's ready for Miquon; I like to use it a bit later.


So, is there a really tickedy-boo program that will transition into SM2? I really like 2 onward. I'm not happy with K and 1. I have to do this a few more times.

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I have been using Horizons 1 this year and so far I think I have found 1 page that deals with creation - you have to label first second etc. For the rest of it there is no Christian influence (We have just started the second book and I have not looked through it closely enough to say there is none, but I highly doubt there is much)

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