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Spelling lists- first and second grade


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I'm looking for spelling lists for my two kids. My daughter was in private school last year, and she has requested to continue her weekly spelling words/ tests. I was kind of planning on just doing grammar, writing, reading, phonics all together in a more natural way, but since she's asking, I have no problem doing it. I don't really want a spelling book with a lot of worksheets. I am found a ton of fun ideas for practicing spelling, and the children can choose from those ideas instead. But I'm also afraid just to wing it. This is my first year home schooling. :)


So what I want is a place to find a list of words that makes sense, not just a random assortment.


I am using Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading for my son. I will likely start my daughter using it - but she will start about 3/4 of the way through, as she is already reading. I could take words from there and add words from the Ayer list.


Just wondering if anyone has ideas for me.




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